Godley to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)
16 September 1858
With reference to your Letter of yesterdays date 1 in which you state that it is proposed to divide the Detachment of Royal Engineers under orders to proceed to British Columbia, sending a portion in the supplementary Freight Ship which has been taken up for the conveyanceofManuscript image conveyance of Stores, and conveying the request of Sir E.B. Lytton that the services of a Naval Surgeon should be obtained to accompany one of the Parties; I am directed to transmit to you, for the information of the Secretary of State, the enclosed copy of a Letter written by the directions of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, from which it appears that the "Briseis," the vessel engaged for the conveyance of Stores, having no accommodationforManuscript image for Passengers; if Colonel Moody's suggestion is to be adopted, the whole of the arrangements which have been made must be cancelled.
I have etc.
J.R. Godley
Minutes by CO staff
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Lord Carnarvon
This only reached us late yesterday evening. I have ascertained at the War Dt that our letter of the 16th Inst was duly received, and that they only sent us this letter from the Admiralty, to show how impracticable Col Moody's suggestion would have been. Put by?
HT Irving 18 Sept
Put by.
C S 20
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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W.G. Romaine, Admiralty, to Under-Secretary of State, War Office, 16 September 1858, stating the Briseis had no passenger accommodation but could carry the 400 tons for which she had been chartered on 13 September.