Manuscript images

Many thousands of page-images from a variety of years are available on this site, and we are adding more on a regular basis. These images have been generated from monochrome microfilms of the original documents, and vary in quality, but they may well be useful to readers. They should help to give a clearer picture of the original documents, showing how minutes and annotations were added drafts written, and so on. In addition, many documents which we have not transcribed are available in image form (attachments, enclosures and so on). You can browse the images sequentially on the Image Browser page. You will also see that many document transcriptions have a small manuscript image at the top right; this acts as a link to the page image of the first page of that document, and from there, you can browse forward or backward through the sequence. Transcriptions from 1846 through 1860 have links throughout the transcription, so you can jump directly to the relevant page if you want to examine the original text.
These are the image sets which are currently available:
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