Hamley to Carnarvon (Parliamentary Under-Secretary)
2 Beaufort Terrace
King's road Chelsea
16 Sepr 1858
My Lord,
I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your Lordships letter of the 14th1 acquainting me that Sir Edward Lytton has had the goodness to confer on me the appointment of Collector of Customs in British Columbia & that a passage will be provided for me in the Thames City, to sailManuscript image about the 20 Inst.
In reply I beg to state that it shall be my constant and earnest endeavour faithfully to discharge the duties belonging to the appointment in the Colony, and that I shall be ready to embark at the time named.
I have the honor to be My Lord
Your obedient servant
Wymond Hamley

Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Governor apprized in a Desph going by todays mail.
HM 16 Septr