Imrie and Tomlinson to S.R. Graves
2 Septr 1858
Dear Sir,
We were very much surprised to observe by the last accounts from Vancouver Island that American vessels were employed on the internal trade up Fraser River, contrary we believe to Law.
We are just despatching a new Screw Steamer the "Firwood" for the express purpose of taking passengers & trading from San Francisco to Victoria & thence up Fraser River & other Colonial waters. It is surely a great injustice to British shipping that they will have toManuscript image Compete with American ships on our own rivers while they are prevented from taking goods & passengers at the intermediate ports, of Humbolt Port Oxford [Orford], Crescent City, Umpqua & Columbia River all in the American territory.
We shall be much obliged if you will bring this subject before the ship owners association and try to induce Government to make such arrangements as will protect the interests of the Steamer when she gets to Vancouver Island.
We are Dear Sir
Yours truly
Imrie & Tomlinson

S.R. Graves Esqre
Chairman of Liverpool
Ship Owners Association
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
This Letter was placed in my hands by the Liverpool Shipping Association who were sent to me from the Bd of Trade by Mr Henley. Their object is to obtain for English ships on the American sea-board a reciprocity in the Coasting trade: wh will now that B. Columbia is growing so rapidly become of importance.
I assured them the subject wd be carefully considered but pointed out that it was a question [for] three departments of state at the least—F.O. Bd of T. and C.O.
C Sep 7