Trutch to Carnarvon
Soho Square, London
Oct 8 1858
My Lord,
Being informed that it is the intention of Government to obtain a correct survey of the Colony of British Columbia with a view to the allotment of lands to settlers and purchasers, I venture to offer my services in carrying out such a survey. I have been for 7 years employed by the U. States Government on a similar survey of the adjoining Territories of Washington and Oregon, the result of which experience is the belief that the system there practised of rectangular surveys by the Solar Compass or some modification of such system is peculiarly adapted for the New Colony, the requirements of which are materially the same as of Washington & Oregon; the nature of the country, climate &c being similar.
By this system under which the public surveys have been executed on ContractbyManuscript image by sworn surveyors at a rate not exceeding three pence per acre, an allotment of the public lands has been obtained, with most desirable despatch, mostly in advance of the settlement and so correct as to prevent any litigation as to boundaries—full particulars as to nature of soil, quality of timber and general values of lands being also furnished. In the execution of these surveys the Solar Compass was found indispensable, the local attraction being so great as to render the Magnetic Needle quite unreliable; in fact without the Solar Compass these surveys would have been practically impossible. Many other advantages belong to this system of Land Surveys, which however cannot be explained in this application.
As to my capability for carryingManuscript image out such a survey I refer your Lordship to my Map of Oregon & Washington executed by me whilst in the U. States Land Office, also to testimonials from the gentlemen under whom I was employed in those Territories, and from the late Chief Commissioner of the U.S. Land Department herewith included. 1
I have the honor to be, My Lord
Your lordships obt Servant
Joseph W. Trutch

The Right Honble
The Earl of Carnarvon
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Mr Trutch has already received a letter of introduction to the Governor. I believe that Sir E Lytton has no intention to appoint a Surveyor from this Country, and that the answer to Mr Trutch must be that Sir E Lytton regrets that he has no opportunity of employing his services.
HTI 11 Oct
TFE 11 Oct
Sir Edward Lytton
I had a long conversation with Mr Trutch the other day and was much struck with the intelligence & information wh he showed. He knows the whole of the surrounding country though he has not been in B. Columbia and I wd recommend that you sd—when you have leisure—see him yourself. Had he offered himself earlier when there were vacancies to be filled up I think he might have been very useful—& even now I wd suggest that a special note of his name be taken.
C Oct 11
Write to Col. Moody that the Govr is at quite eno[ugh] expense employing him & his men for survey & that it was expressly understood there were to be no other expenses for that object saddled on the Coly.
EBL Oct 12
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Colonel R.C. Moody to Colonial Office, 8 October 1858, stating that he had met Trutch, was favourably impressed, and urging his appointment to office in British Columbia.
Manuscript image
John Wilson, Land Commissioner, Illinois Central Railroad Company, to "Sir," 15 September 1858, testimonial for Trutch.
Manuscript image
John Edward Wilkes, British consul, Chigago, 15 September 1858, certifying that John B. Preston had declared the following testimonials for Trutch to be genuine:
Manuscript image
John B. Preston, Lockport, Illinois, 25 August 1858;
Manuscript image
C.K. Gardner, Late surveyor general of Oregon, Washington, D.C., 30 August 1858;
Manuscript image
William Goding, late chief engineer, Illinois and Michigan Canal, Lockport, Illinois, 14 September 1858.