Downing Street
1 September 1858
I have the honor to introduce to you Captain Parsons, the Bearer of this despatch, who, in pursuance of the intention which I have already communicated to you, has been directed to repair to British Columbia accompanied by twenty non-Commissioned officers and men of the Royal Engineers.
I need scarcely observe to you that the object for which thisManuscript imagethis officer and his party have been detached to British Columbia is for the exclusive service of that Colony. You will, therefore, afford him every assistance in your power for enabling him to commence immediately such operations in it as shall appear to him to be necessary in anticipation of the arrival of his Commanding Officer Colonel Moody R.E. who will follow him with as much rapidity as is practicable. And I trust that if Captain Parsons should require the temporary occupation for his party of the trading posts up the country, which belong to the Hudson's Bay Company you will take measures for affording them suchManuscript image accommodation.
I have the honor to be Sir,
Your most obedient humble servant
E.B. Lytton

Governor Douglas &c &c &c