Downing Street
29 November 1858
In the early part of last September, on the representation of various Gentlemen who vouched for his respectability of character, I furnished Mr John Dewes [D'Ewes] formerly Police Magistrate in the Gold Fields at Ballarat, a Commissioner of Crown Lands and Deputy Sheriff in Victoria with a letter of Introduction dated the 11th Instant. 1 I am not aware whether Mr Dewes [D'Ewes] has in accordance with his intentions, proceeded to British Columbia, and presented himself to you; but I feel it due to myself and to you, to place you in possession ofManuscript image information of which I was at the date of my letter ignorant, but which may serve to guard against any misapprehension on your part. That information I regret to say is by no means of a satisfactory character. It appears that Mr Dewes [D'Ewes] about the time of the Ballarat riots laid himself open to suspicion and comment upon the manner in which he discharged the duties with which he was entrusted, and my attention has been drawn to a Minute of the Lieutenant Governor, Sir Charles Hotham, entered on the Notes and proceedings of the Legislative Council during the Session, 1854-5, which I enclose herewith. 2
I am not prepared to enter into the details of the case or to pronounce any opinion upon Mr Dewes' [D'Ewes'] conduct; but I feelManuscript image bound to correct any error into which you may have been led by my letter of Introduction accorded without the knowledge of these facts.
I have preferred to make this Despatch a confidential one, but you will be at liberty to make use of it, should the circumstances of the case appear to require such a step.
I have etc.
E.B. Lytton
  1. I.e., 11 September. Cf. Lytton to Douglas, 11 September 1858, CO 398/1, p. 100.
  2. . Hotham to Molesworth, 21 November 1855, CO 309/35, pp. 59-80. ??
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