No. 177
Government House Victoria
Vancouvers Island
2 July 1859
I have duly received your Despatch No 38 of the 24th March in reference to the Reverend W.B. Crickmer.
2. I have observed your remarks concerning Mr Crickmer's appointment andManuscript imageand beg to inform you that neither Mr Crickmer nor Mr Gammage have received any promise of remuneration or other privileges, nor have I assigned to Mr Crickmer any seniority of position.
3. I have made no permanent arrangements in regard to Ecclesiastical matters, having referred all questions of that nature to the period of the Bishop's arrivalManuscript imagearrival in British Columbia.
I have etc.
James Douglas
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
Send a copy of this despatch to the Bishop of London, with reference to the correspondence that passed respecting the terms of the License granted by his Lordship to Mr Crickmer.
HT Irving 27 Augt
HM Augt 27
N 29
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Manuscript image
Draft, Colonial Office to Bishop of London, 9 September 1859, forwarding copy of the despatch and stating that Crickmer had not been granted privileges allowing him to officiate as colonial chaplain.
Minutes by CO staff
Mr Pennell should have observed that the previous letter was signed by Sir E.B.L. and not by Mr Merivale.