Falk to Carnarvon (Parliamentary Under-Secretary)
32 Leadenhall Street, E.C.
10 January 1859 To the Right Honorable the Earl of Carnarvon Under Secretary of State Colonial Office Downing Street

My Lord
I had in due course the honor of an reply to mine of the 20 September upon British Columbian matters. My Brig "Rapid" Thomas Jones Mr left this already last Month for Victoria Vancouvers Island and I propose to follow her myself next Month via N York and St Louis over Land so as to meet her there end of April, my object being to dispatch the Vessel from Columbia, with Deals, Spars &c the produce of Columbia to the ports of Japan and Northern China which will be open to British Trade early next Summer, and to bring back Chinese Emigrants and in fact make the beginning of a regular direct trade between Columbia, and the Chinese-Japanese Coasts.
It will under such circumstances be of importance to me and also forward the Interests of the Trading community if I have when out in Columbia in May next the good-will of the British Authorities at Victoria V.I. and I hope it is not taking too great a liberty, if I ask the Colonial Office to give me a few Lines to Governor Douglas to forward my Views in the above Matters.
Waiting the favor of a reply,
I have the honor to Remain My Lord
Your very obedient and humble servant
Robert Falk
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
The Writer, who is connected with a Trading Company, asks for a letter to the Govr of B. Columbia "to forward his views."
VJ 13 Jan
Our usual rule is, either not to give such letter, for fear Governmt should be regarded as guaranteeing to any extent the concern, or only to give it subject to full caution on this head.
HM Jan 14
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Printed copy of a prospectus outlining the intention of the Victoria and British Columbia Company, Limited, to assist in the development of trade and commerce in Vancouver Island and the Fraser River region of British Columbia.
Minutes by CO staff
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I think the answer should be first a caution as Mr Merivale suggests as to the effect of a letter of introduction, secondly the statement that it has been Sir E. Lyttons invariable rule to give no letter of introduction without receiving in the first place strong recommendations from persons whom he can trust or with whom he is personally acquainted, and thirdly that subject to the first understanding Manuscript imagehe will be willing to give Mr Falk the ordinary letter of introduction to Govr Douglas on the receipt of such recommendation.
C Jany 14
EBL J 15
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Draft, Merivale to Falk, 21 January 1859, agreeing to provide a letter of introduction to the governor upon completion of certain pre-conditions.