No. 34
Downing Street
19 March 1859
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your despatch No 25 of the 8th November last containing the report called for by me on the question of granting remissions on the purchase of land in British Columbia to retired Officers of the Army and Navy.
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These advantages in the purchase of land were formerly granted to Military and Naval Officers in all the British Colonies, and though they have been discontinued in the North American Colonies they are still retained in most of the Australian Colonies, at the Cape and in Ceylon. I am not aware that they have had any extensive influence in any Colony, but whatever effect they have would be, as you observe, to introduce a superior and a very loyal andattachedManuscript image attached Class of Settlers, and that effect could not fail to be especially beneficial in British Columbia. I therefore transmit to you a copy of the usual regulations on this subject,
P. 55 of Colonization Circular.
and authorize you to promulgate them unless the circumstances of British Columbia should appear to you to require some modification of their provisions.
I have the honor to be
Your Most obedient
Humble Servant
E B Lytton
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