No. 70
Downing Street,
23 May 1859
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your private letter of the 10th February in which you represent the inadequacy of the salary assigned to the Office of Governor of British Columbia.
The frankness with which you have explained yourself in a matter ofManuscript image personal concern, and of much delicacy is fully appreciated by me. It relieves me of the embarrassment which often attends communications upon such subjects, and enables me to address you with corresponding candor.
It is impossible for me to question for a moment the statements you make as to the expenses unavoidably devolving upon you as the Governor of Vancouver's Island and British Columbia, nor the present extreme dearness of every necessary of life in those Colonies. I yield, therefore, totheManuscript image the conviction that your emoluments have been fixed at too low a rate, and I am prepared to sanction an addition to your salary of One thousand two hundred pounds (£1,200) out of the local receipts of the current year provided that the Revenue of British Columbia amounts in the aggregate to not less than fifty thousand pounds (£50,000). The numerous despatches which I have addressed to you explaining the impossibility of imposing on this Country any of the charges of Government for a Colony which has been forced into existence by its gold discoveries relieve me of the task of repeatingManuscript image that I cannot depart from the principle by which, in this respect, I have been guided from the outset. You will, accordingly, distinctly understand that whilst I am happy to meet your wishes to the extent above named the addition in question can only be made out of Colonial resources, and on the condition stated.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
in the absence of
Sir E.B. Lytton