No. 95
9 November 1860
My Lord Duke
In my Report on British Columbia of the 9th of October last, marked "Separate", I had the honor to inform Your Grace of the Manuscript image the dispatch of an exploratory party from Douglas, under the charge of Dr Forbes of Her Majesty's Ship "Topaze", to examine, especially with reference to its mineral character, the country bordering on Harrison Lake and River.
I have now the honor of forwarding the valuable and highly interesting Report of that gentleman, who lately returned to this place Manuscript image place with his party, in good health.
His researches, carried on under many difficulties inseparable from the country, were prosecuted with a very creditable degree of activity and vigour, and have been eminently successful in elucidating the true mineral value of the District, the whole of which he believes to be metalliferous, and the greater portion of it agentiferous Manuscript image argentiferous.
He found and examined many argentiferous veins, and he observes that he has not the least doubt that there is abundance of silver in those formations, but it can only be reached by an outlay of capital and steady persevering mining operations.
He has also from various indications been led to believe that in many Manuscript image many of the metalliferous veins described in his Report, deep mining will develope gold.
Dr Forbes recommends that encouragement should be given to Companies for the purpose of working silver mines, and thinks they cannot be worked advantageously by individual enterprise or exertion, a suggestion which meets with my warmest approval.
I Manuscript image I trust that Dr Forbes' able Report may have the effect of attracting public attention in England to the Mineral wealth of British Columbia, and to the facilities it presents for the profitable investment of capital.
I have etc.
James Douglas
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Mr Elliot
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Forbes to Douglas, 22 October 1860, reporting as per despatch (21 pages).