Municipal Council of New Westminster to Prince of Wales
Hearing that it is the intention of your Royal Highness to visit Her Majesty's possessions in North America:
We the members of the Municipal Council of New Westminster, the capital of British Columbia, in council assembled, in the (absence of a resident Governor, and other important officials, who have been appointed to us from England, and in the absence of any representative institutions, through whom the voice of the people can be heard, except this Council), beg in the name Manuscript image name of the inhabitants of this City, and the whole of this important Colony which must from its rich gold and silver mines, as well as boundless arable land, become the future home of a great portion of the human race, and which we hope in the course of a few years, may be joined by means of a railway to Canada, adopt these means of greeting Your Royal Highness, with a cordial and respectful welcome on your arrival in North America.
We wish you every happiness and that the Almighty Ruler of the Universe, will extend his protection over you, during your stay amongst our fellow Colonists, and that you may have a Manuscript image safe return, and that the day may not be far distant, when the people of this Colony, may have an opportunity of expressing their loyalty to you in person.
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
This address is dated the 25 Augt. It should I presume be acknowledged in suitable terms through the Govr?
VJ 24 Nov
An Address from British Columbia welcoming the Prince of Wales to the Continent of North America. Forwarded for the Duke of Newcastle's directions.
TFE 24 Nov
The parenthesis in the 1st page is to be observed.
CF 26
The parenthesis is no doubt intended for a slap at the C.O. Prepare a short reply similar to the many I wrote when in Canada.
N 4-12
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 65, 12 December 1860.