Good to Under-Secretary of State
Field House
Kirton in Lindsey
Dec 4 1860 To the Under Secretary of State for the British Colonies

Allow me to state that I am a Missionary of the S.P.G. about to proceed via Southampton at the beginning of the New Year for Service in British Columbia.
I now, by the advice of my future Diocesan, beg to apply to you for a Government Order on the ground of my being a Missionary in consideration for wh: I believe I shall be expected to give my services as a Chaplain or Clergyman whilst on Ship board.
Manuscript image I trust my application is made in the usual form tho I am personally unacquainted with the exact official nature of such solicitations.
In the hopes that such order will materially relieve the necessary outlay incurred by the Society in sending out their Missionary on such an expensive journey
I am,
with much respect
Your faithful & obedient Servant
John B. Good
Miss. of the S.P.G.
lately returned from Nova Scotia
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
I fear that a Missionary not appointed by the Crown & not paid from public funds does not come within the terms of the Contract—but I am told that the Company (West Indian) would probably offer no objection to granting Mr Good a Contract passage, and perhaps a departure from the strict rule in the case of a Clergyman proceeding to a new & unsettled Colony may be allowed?
VJ 5 Decr
Considering the wish to forward by every legitimate means the supply of Clergymen to B. Columbia, I think that the Duke of Newcastle would wish an attempt to be made to accomplish the object of this application. Request the Admiralty in the usual terms to order a passage at the contract rate for this Clergyman, to be defrayed by the gentleman himself—and if we get the passage instruct him to pay the price.
TFE 5 Decr
Yes—but before doing so it will be better to ascertain from Revd E. Hawkins (Secy of S.P.G.) whether this application is made with the sanction of the Society.
N 12
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Mr Elliot
According to the Duke of Newcastle's Minute on this letter enquiry has been made of the Office of the Society & the result is, that though the Society were fully aware that Mr Good intended to apply for a Contract Passage by the advice of the Bishop, they cannot strictly say (as it was never brought before them) that the application is made with their sanction, tho' they have no objection to offer to it.
VJ 13 Decr
This will now be for the Duke's decision. On the one hand I thought that after the sentiments expressed at the late meeting in the City, His Grace would probably be desirous not to refuse, if it could be avoided, an application for help from a Clergyman going to British Columbia. On the other hand an attempt to get a contract passage for anyone neither paid nor employed by the Government would be a bad precedent and indeed might be unfair to the Manuscript image the Steam Company. On the whole therefore perhaps the reasons for a refusal preponderate?
TFE 14 Decr
My object in desiring the reference was only to test the respectability of the Applicant. As I learn by a previous Minute that the Company, though not bound to do so, are not disinclined to give the Contract passage I am willing to make the application.
N 19
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Draft, Colonial Office to Secretary to the Admiralty, 28 December 1860, applying for a contract passage from Southampton to Colon, to be paid by Good.