No. 49
Downing Street,
19 September 1860
I am directed by the Secretary of State to acquaint you that the Paymaster General has been authorized to accept and pay the Bills noted in the margin
No 23 £81, No 24 £1000, No 25 £100.
drawn by Mr. Gossett [Gosset] Treasurer of British Columbia for the general service of the Colony.
The Paymaster GeneralManuscript image has also been authorized to pay the Bill drawn by you for your salary as Governor for the half year ended 30th June 1860 advice of which is contained in your despatch No 66 of 21st July.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
C. Fortescue
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Douglas, James

Fortescue, Chichester

Gosset, William Driscoll

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