Scott to Newcastle
The Duke of Newcastle Secretary of State for the Colonies

My Lord
I beg to direct your attention to a letter written by me on the 12th June last and your Lordships kind and courteous reply of the 21st June, relative to the property of the late James Duffy of the "Royal Engineers" who was frozen to death in "British Columbia" on the 9th January 1861.
I beg now to ask your Lordship if you have yet received from the Governor of British Columbia the particulars of the property referred to and such general information as may be of use to his mother Widow Alice Duffy.
I remain My Lord
Your Lordships obt St
Alexr Scott
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Sir F. Rogers
No report has yet been received from the Govr. Acquaint the Writer?
VJ 2 Decr
At once.
FR 2/12
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Rogers to Scott, 6 December 1862, advising that no report had been received from the governor.