Ward to Colonial Office

The writer a respectable middle aged Widow, active and energetic, and her Daughter (over 20 years of age) trained to business and all kinds of household and domestic duties, finding it difficult to earn a livelihood here have been anxious for some time to emigrate and having lately had their attentionManuscript image turned to British Columbia. It would confer a very great favor if Sir F. Rodgers, would kindly inform them if they would be taken there on payment of a small sum.
Should assistance be given a number of respectable girls would gladly emigrate there, under the Matronship of Mrs Ward who is well known throughout the North of Ireland and who couldManuscript image obtain a great number of references as to her character and suitability to fill that situation—
Lord Robt Montague
The Earl of Antrim
Admiral Bruce
Sir J. Haygate Bart
The Bishop of Londonderry
Sir H.H. Bruce Bart &c
All or any of the foregoing Mrs Ward can with confidence refer to. It would confer a boon not only onManuscript image the writer but on many struggling females if Sir F. Rodgers can point out (if not in his own power) the plan to pursue to get to a Country where their labour would be remunerated.
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8th July 1862
[P.S.] An early reply would greatly oblige please address Mrs Ward, Coleraine, Ireland.
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Emign Crs at once.
FR 10/7