No. 59, Miscellaneous
23 September 1863
Referring to your despatch of the 7th July 1863, No. 30 upon the subject of due provision being made by Mr W.G. Cox for the maintenance of his wife, I have the honor to acquaint your Grace that Mr Cox has already madetwoManuscript image two remittances to his wife, and I have received an acknowledgment from her of one of them.
2. I should earlier have addressed Your Grace upon this subject, but the letters from Mr Cox upon it have not been so definite as I could desire, not I believe from any indisposition on his part to make proper provision for Mrs Cox, but from a want of knowledge at themomentManuscript image moment, in the distant part where he is stationed, of how best to arrange for remittance.
3. I shall communicate the purpose of your Grace's present despatch to him, and will furnish you with his reply.
4. I deem it however but just to Mr Cox to state that so far as my knowledge of him goes since his first entry into the public service here in Jany 1859 I have ever found him a correct,honorable,Manuscript image honorable, and useful officer, somewhat unmethodical in pure matters of business, but possessed of a peculiar talent for commanding respect and esteem among a rough population. Before being removed to Carribou, he was employed on the frontier at "Rock Creek" and the quiet and order he maintained there, were very satisfactory to me.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke,
Your Grace's most obedient
humble Servant
James Douglas
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Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
I presume that under the circumstances stated by the Govr this Despatch may be put by?
VJ 24 Nov
Put by.
TFE 24/11