No. 26
12 June 1863
At the request of Her Majesty's Paymaster General I have the honor to instruct you to direct the Colonial Treasurer of British Columbia to issue the Superannuation Allowance of Joseph Cue, late a Pensioner of the Irish Constabulary at therateManuscript image rate of £29 per annum from the 1st of April 1863 inclusive, in conformity with the instructions contained in the accompanying papers. The Paymaster General has also requested that until further notice the Pensioner on claiming exemption from Income Tax may be required by the paying office to executeafterManuscript image after the 5th of April in each year the enclosed form of Declaration as regards Income which Declaration should be attached to the voucher of the first payment made after that date.
These payments should be charged by the Treasurer in his account for recovery throughtheManuscript image the Commissioners of Audit.
I have the honor to be
Your Obedient Servant
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Manuscript image
Copy, 11 June 1863, an act providing the Governors of the British colonies with the right of "administration of justice."
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