No. 60
27 November 1863
I have the honor to transmit to you a copy of a letter from Mr. Munro, with its enclosure, respecting a paragraph which appeared in the "Times" relative to the death of a white man, supposed to be his son, who was found dead at the mouth of the Bear River, British Columbia.
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I have to request that you will cause enquiries to be made into the truth of this Report and furnish me with any information that you may be able to obtain as to the circumstances of the death and to the effects of the deceased.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
Other documents included in the file
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Copy, Munro to Russell, 17 November 1863, requesting information from officials in Victoria on the death of his son.
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Copy, Hentman to Munro, 1 November 1863, responding to enquiries made by Munro.