No. 68
16 February 1864
I duly received your Despatch No. 56 of the 14th of September, submitting to me the names of Captain Luard R.E. and of Mr. Trutch, Civil Engineer, as gentlemen well qualified for the appointment of Surveyor General of British Columbia. I also received your Despatch No. 70 of the 30th of November, reporting to me that Colonel Moody had declined to leave Captain Luard behind, when the Corps of Sappers and Miners quitted the Colony.
I have the honor to acquaint you, that having received an explanation from Colonel Moody on this point, I am satisfied that he had sufficient reasons for the course which he pursued, and that his decision was correct.
Adverting to the high testimony which you bear to the professional abilities, and to the general characterManuscript image of Mr. Trutch, a favorable opinion which is entirely confirmed by the accounts given of him by Colonel Moody, and by Captain Richards R.N., I have much pleasure in informing you that I have selected this gentleman for the Office of Surveyor General. His Warrant of appointment will be forwarded by an early opportunity.
I have etc.