No. 5
30 March 1864
I have received your Predecessor's Despatch No. 64 of the 3rd of November last enclosing a copy of an application from Serjeant McColl of the Royal Engineers to be relieved from the payment of the whole or part of the sum of £105 for which he is liable on account of the passages of his Wife and family from this CountrytoManuscript image to British Columbia in the year 1860, together with a copy of a letter from Colonel Moody, Commanding the Detachment, recommending that one half of that sum should be remitted.
Under all the circumstances of this case, I have to authorize you to remit the sum of £52.10/—being that portion of the cost of the passages of his WifeandManuscript image and family which, at the date of your Predecessor s Despatch, had not been recovered from Serjeant McColl by deductions from his pay.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
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10 June 1864
The Col. Scr
Mr. McColl informed
14 June/64