No. 81
Downing Street
12 October 1865
I have received your Despatch No. 68 of the 27th May, enclosing copies of an Ordinance passed at the recent Session of the Colonial Legislature, entitled No. 21, "An Ordinance respecting Marriage in British Columbia."
Before submitting this enactment for Her Majesty's confirmation,IManuscript image I should be glad to learn what is its intended effect upon the Indian Population, some of whom appear to be under Christian teaching. I would suggest that the Ordinance should be made clear in this respect.
It is also a question which deserved the consideration of your Legislature, whether, as the Ordinance now stands, it will not be difficult to secure any efficient notice of Marriages beforehand or the preservation afterwards of any proper record if Marriages are allowed to be celebrated and the Banns to be published in anyplaceManuscript image place bearing the name of a place of Worship, and whether therefore it would not be wise to require that these ceremonies should take place in some place of worship licensed by proper authority for the celebration of Marriages.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
Edward Cardwell

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