Seymour to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
St. James Palace
16 August 1866
Having received from the Earl of Carnarvon the notification of my appointment to the Governorship of the united Colonies of British Columbia and Vancouver Island, I have the honor to request that you will give instructions for the payment to me of the usual passage allowance.
As the newColonyManuscript image Colony bears the name of the portion thereof the Government of which I until recently administered it may appear, perhaps, that I am applying twice during my administration for passage allowance. I would however beg leave to state that having had six months leave of absence from the late Colony granted to me, I have been detained another six months in London by the Secretary of State assisting in thepreparationManuscript image preparation of a bill for the Union of the Western Colonies. At the bill becoming law it was held
By whom?
that my former office had ceased to exist. After some delay I was honored by the announcement
No public Record of this announcement.
that the Queen had permitted the Governorship of the new Colony to be offered to me. I have accepted it, & commence a new term of office in a new colony.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient Servant
Frederick Seymour

Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Mr Seymour applies for the usual passage allowance (i.e. £800) and assigns two grounds—1. that he was detained here by the Secretary of State for 6 Months beyond his original leave, 2. that he is about to commence a new term of office in a new Colony.
In July 1865 Mr Cardwell granted Mr Seymour 6 Months leave "for the purpose of visiting this Country." A private letter from Mr Cardwell accompanied this Despatch in which Mr Seymour was told "that it would be open to him to raise the question of a short extension if he wished it." Paper annexed.
On the 1st Novr 1865 an extension of 6 Months was granted.
On this ground I cannot seethatManuscript image that Mr Seymour has any claim whatever.
Leave of absence was granted to him at his own request & he is about to return to the Colony whence he came. And even if he has been detained here by the S. of S. he will be put to no additional expense on that account.
2d Is he about to enter upon a New term of office in a New Colony? No new Colony has been created. He continues Governor of B. Columbia into which Van Couver Island has been incorporated. No new Commission will be given to him. Had Mr Seymour been removed from one Colony to another he would have been entitled to the actual cost of the passage—but in the present case I cannot think his application well founded.
VJ 20 Augt
I quite agree with Mr Jadis, and think the application very unreasonable. I shouldManuscript image refuse it briefly and decidedly.
TFE 20 August
I agree.
CBA 21/8
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Governor Seymour assumed the Govt on the 26 April 1864. Received Six Months leave from 9 Sepr 1865 to 9 March 66.
Arrived in England end of Octr or 1st of November.
Received an extension from March 1866. No record of his having asked for it & no period fixed. The only record we have is a letter from Seymour asking for his 1/2 [salary] during his extended leave. See 2997 whereupon the AgentsManuscript image were told to pay it till further orders.
VJ 24 Aug
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Colonial Office to Seymour, 13 September 1866, refusing his request for passage allowance.