No. 66
13th April 1867
My Lord,
On the Union of the Colonies, (with other papers) Mr Secretary Cardwell's despatch Vancouver Island, No. 10 of 2nd June 1864, came into my hands. It contains a letter addressedbyManuscript image by the Secretary of the Admiralty to the Vancouver Island Dock Company relative to the concession of water rights in connection with the proposed work.
2. I learn that in addition to the proposed concession of water rights the Lords of the Admiralty offered to grant twenty thousand pounds, by way of a loan. The present depressed state of the Colony renders it very difficult to raise sufficient money for the undertaking, but I am convincedthatManuscript image that it would be true economy if Her Majesty's Government were to increase the amount of the loan so as to cause the work to be performed. Within the short time that has elapsed since my return to the Colony two of Her Majesty's ships, the flag ship "Sutlej" and the "Scout" have had to proceed for repairs to the only dock yard available, at Mare Island, San Francisco, to be repaired at an enormous expense. Two gun boats, the "Grappler"andManuscript image and the "Forward" are lying in Esquimalt Harbour hardly fit to go to sea.
3. Rear Admiral Denman will shortly be in England and would I have no doubt, if referred to, support the recommendation I now venture to make.
4. I need hardly say how important to the interests of the Commercial community the possession of a dock yard in the immediate neighbourhoodofManuscript image of Victoria would be.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord,
Your most obedient,
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
I have been keeping this back for the previous papers which are in circulation with a Minute of yours. I do not like to delay it longer.
CC 25/6
Manuscript image
I should refer this despatchManuscript image for the consideration of the Admiralty. The former Papers, & Minutes are annexed.
TFE 26 June
Manuscript image
I confess I think it very doubtful policy contributing from this Treasury to a Vancouver I. Dock. Next will come the question of defending it.
CBA 26/6
Manuscript image
Let me see Mr Elliot hereon.
B&C 27/6
Manuscript image
Duke of Buckingham
This despatch has been kept aside by Your Grace's order. In an minute annexed I submitted some objections to undertaking Docks & Defences at Vancouver. I believe that Your Grace has since had some conversation at the Admiralty, & possibly this paper may now be disposed of?
TFE 17 August
Manuscript image
The matter is under consideration of Admiralty.
B&C 21/8