No. 163
19th December 1867
My Lord Duke,
I should feel much obliged if Your Grace would instruct me what to do with the Public Seal of the "Colony of Vancouver Island." I presumethatManuscript image that I cannot make use of it officially in any way.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord Duke,
Your most obedient,
humble Servant.
Frederick Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
The Seal should be returned to this office as usual to be sent to the Council Office for the purpose of being defaced. It might be attached to some fraudulent grant or other deed if not defaced.
GG 16 March
Manuscript image
So write.
FR 17/3
CBA 18/3
Manuscript image
Yes it shd be returned by hand through the Navy—or other secure channel otherwise it may be lost & wrongfully used.
B&C 18/3
Other documents included in the file
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Draft reply, Buckingham to Seymour, Separate, 27 March 1868 instructing Seymour to send the seal of Vancouver Island to the Colonial Office using a secure channel.
Minutes by CO staff
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The Colonial Seals have been usually sent out to & the old Seals returned from the Colonies in the Dispatch Bags. They are in a small box which forms a Cube of a few inches.
GG 21 March
Seymour, Frederick to Grenville, Richard 19 December 1867, CO 60:29, no. 2628, 594. The Colonial Despatches of Vancouver Island and British Columbia 1846-1871, Edition 2.2, ed. James Hendrickson and the Colonial Despatches project. Victoria, B.C.: University of Victoria.

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