Barfield to Buckingham
1 Harcourt Buildings
Temple, E.C.
26th November 1867
My Lord Duke
I beg to enclose herewith for your Grace's perusal copy [of] correspondence between the Colonial Secretary of British Columbia and Mr John Robertson Stewart, which has been forwarded to me from Victoria by the latter Gentleman.
Referring to Mr Adderley's letter to me of the 17th June last, and Mr Rogers' letter of the 15th May, enclosing copy Despatch from the Governor Seymour to Lord Carnarvon, and Report from the late Surveyor General of British Columbia, will you allow me to enquire whether, having regard to the delay which has necessarily intervened in executing to the parties interested a grant of the lands, owing to the defect of Title of the Crown, Your Grace will be pleased to permit a modification of the original application by Sanctioning a Grant of a smaller tract of land, and foregoing any further payment, subject however to such terms and conditionsManuscript image as the Governor shall think proper.
I may state, for your Grace's information that Captain Kennedy, the late Governor of VanCouver Island, has a personal knowledge of the parties, and he is aware of the heavy outlay they have expended on the premises, in addition to the instalment already paid to the local Government, and approves of the suggestion which I have ventured to submit, as above, for your Grace's consideration.
I have the honor to remain
Your Graces obedient humble Servant
Saml Barfield

Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
I would tell him that it is a matter entirely for the consideration of the local Govt to whom his application wd be addressed?
CC 27/11
FR 27/11
Manuscript image
I wd omit the word "entirely" as matters of this kind may come before the S. of S. by way of appeal.
FR 27/11
CBA 29/11
B&C 30/11
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
W.A.G. Young, Colonial Secretary, to J.R. Stewart, 2 October 1867, advising that a survey would be necessary before a grant of the land at Quatsimo Sound on Vancouver Island could be effected, and that his company would be required to bear half the cost of such survey.
Manuscript image
Stewart to Young, 7 October 1867, advising that the conditions stated would be communicated to his partners and an answer returned to the government.
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Adderley to Barfield, 5 December 1867, advising that the matter had been referred for the consideration of the colonial government.