Klaucke to Buckingham
32 Norfolk Street Strand
April 20th 1867 To the Right Honorable The Duke of Buckingham H.M. Principal Secretary of State for the Colonies

May it please Your Grace
I beg leave to submit to Your Grace's perusal and kind consideration the enclosed original Letter received from the Administrator of British Columbia and the Prospectus for the formation of a Company to Supply that Colony with the particular Class of Agricultural Settlers, of which it stands so much in need; to which I beg leave also to add the original of the resolutions passed by the Ottawa Board of Trade, referring to the same. I will not trouble Your Grace with the details of the object I have in view, but respectfully request to be favored with a personal interview at Your Grace's earliest convenience. Awaiting Your Grace's commands, I beg to subscribe myself,
Your Grace's most obedient Servant
M.F. Klaucke
Minutes by CO staff
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At once. Send to E.C. and tell the Commrs that Mr Klaucke will call them in a day or two (on Tuesday or Wednesday).
FR 20/4
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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H.M. Ball, Colonial Secretary's Office, to Klaucke, 22 August 1866, conveying the governor's interest in his scheme but advising that the sanction of the Secretary of State would be required with regard to the requested free grant of land.
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Printed copy of the "Prospectus of a Joint Stock Company to be formed under the name and title of The British North-West American Emigrants' Settlement Association" (24 pages).
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Board of Trade, Ottawa, 6 February 1867, reporting on the prospectus as being "highly feasible and worthy of recommendation."
Other documents included in the file
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Elliot to Klaucke, 20 April 1867, advising his proposal had been referred to the Emigration Commission and asking that he contact the commissioners the following Tuesday or Wednesday.