Needham to Buckingham
Victoria V.I.
12th Dec 1867
My Lord Duke
I desire to explain to your Grace my reasons for venturing to decline the offer so kindly made to me by telegram in Novr last.
When I accepted the appointment I now hold I was not a briefless barrister but brought to it the experience of 25 Years labour in the highest branches of my profession & gave up an established & lucrative practise.
This is well known in Westminster Hall.
I have found to my cost how imprudent was the step. But it is difficult to go back.Manuscript image In money alone I am £300 poorer while political & other changes have materially altered my position for the worse.
Yet gladly as I would escape from a Colony which time has brought little but vexation disappointment & loss I could not bring my mind to descend to a position altogether inferior in rank & one which I would not originally have accepted.
I have earnestly endeavoured to fulfil the duties of my office & if I have succeeded—if as His Excellency assures me he shall acquaint your Grace—I have been able to render essential service to the Government in time of need—then I humbly submit to yr GraceManuscript image whether I may not fairly indulge the hope of a change which shall raise rather than depress me in the social scale.
I trust your Grace will pardon the freedom & apparent egotism with which I have written. I can only plead necessity for the one & the interests of family as an apology for the other.
Hoping for your Grace's kind conson.
I have the honor to be
Your Graces most obedient
& very humble Servant
Joseph Needham

His Grace
The Duke of Buckingham & Chandos
&c &c &c
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
See 8563 & Minute. Mr Needham telegraphed his refusal.
Put by.
CC 4/2
FR 4/2
Manuscript image
He does not see that the Union has abolished his Office in terms & there is no C.J. of the Colony of VCI—there being no such Colony. The offer was in relief of this accident.
CBA 5/2
Manuscript image
Put by. Mr N. has made his choice.
B&C 5/2