Southgate to Buckingham
Salisbury Hotel
Fleet St London
26th Novr 1867
My Lord Duke
Having learned that an application by Mr R.W. Torrens late Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Vancouver Island for an appointment under Government, will be brought under Your Grace's consideration, I deem it to be my duty as a Member, now, of the Legislative Council of British Columbia, and formerly of the Legislature of Vancouver Island, to beg Your Grace to permit me, to add my strong personal recommendation to the testimonials, which that Gentleman already possesses.
I have known Mr Torrens now for some eight years. In 1859 Mr Torrens organised at his own expense, an Expedition to prospect the whole North West Coast of British Columbia from 49o to 54o40 North—he was absent five months, ascending Rivers, and visiting localities and tribes of Indians, whom White Men had never before visited.
Mr Torrens on his return to Victoria, supplied to the Government a report of his Trip, which report was forwarded by Sir James Douglas to his Grace the late Duke of Newcastle, who thought so well of it as to send it to the Royal Geographical Society, before a meeting of which it was read, eliciting the thanks of the Society.
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In 1865, Mr Torrens also conducted an Exploration on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, (among hostile Indians) with a high spirit and judgment that called forth the thanks of the Government and the approbation of the whole community, in as much as it was undertaken at great personal risk, under peculiar circumstances and ended in a public benefit, by preventing the recurrence of a false gold excitement, which on a previous instance had been attended with disastrous results.
In 1863 Mr Torrens was appointed Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Vancouver Island, which Office he filled with the highest credit to himself, until the Act of Union deprived him of his appointment; at the closing of the Assembly in 1866, a Vote of thanks to Mr Torrens was placed upon the records of the House. Subsequently a deputation of the House waited upon Governor Seymour to commend Mr Torrens to His Excellencys good offices.
Mr Torrens has proved himself to be a gentleman of good education and abilities, of great perseverance and capacity for Work and well qualified to fill any position of trust, for which Your Grace may be pleased to prefer him.
I have the honor to be
Your Grace's Obt Servt
J.J. Southgate
of British Columbia

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Sir F. Rogers
Mr Birch speaks highly of Mr Southgate. See Gov 3714. Mr Torrens' last letter 7784 was put by. To Mr Bryant.
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Rogers to Southgate, 11 December 1867, acknowledging receipt of letter.