Murdoch to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
3rd August 1868
I have to acknowledge your letter of 30th ultimo with a despatch from the Governor of British Columbia enclosing an ordinance passed by the Legislature of the Colony entitled "An Ordinance to confirm certain titles to Real property in Vancouvers Island."
2. The Attorney General explains that this Ordinance is merely a recapitulation of an Ordinance passed in Van CouversManuscript image Island, in which the legal title of the Hudsons Bay Company was incorrectly given. I am aware of no objection to the Ordinance, and I would recommend that it should be left to its operation.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient
Humble Servant
T.W.C. Murdoch
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CC 4 Aug
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Sanction—observing however that the words of the enacting part go somewhat beyond the intention expressed by the recital. The object is to provide that certain grants purporting to be made by persons holding powers of attorney from the HBC shall not be held invalidManuscript image on account of any defect in the holders of the power of the attorney. The enacting part however declares that all grants made by those persons shall be absolutely valid & that no objection (of any sort or kind) shall be take[n] to them.
Draft at once, vide HG's minute on 7425.
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Draft reply, Buckingham to Seymour, No. 60, 7 August 1868 conveying Her Majesty's gracious confirmation and allowance of the Ordinance of the Government of British Columbia entitled No. 5 of 1868 An Ordinance to confirm certain Titles to real property in Vancouver Island and discussing the intent and meaning of the ordinance.