Sproat and Anderson to Under-Secretary of State
55 King William Street
24th January 1868 The Under Secretary of State for the Colonies Downing Street

With reference to the Memorials presented to the Colonial Secretary in April & June 1867 and to the subsequent correspondence, on the subject of a selection of a seat of Government for British Columbia, we take the liberty of asking on behalf of the Memorialists, if any decision in the matter has been come to, and whether the question is likely to be decided by Her Majesty's Government before the meeting of Parliament.
We are, Sir,
Your most obedient servants
Gilbert M. Sproat
James Y.S. Anderson
for selves and D. Fraser
Hon Secs to the
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Sir F. Rogers
The last thing on this question of the Capital is the D. of Buckingham's dispatch of the 1st Oct. No 67.
It is quite clear the question is not likely to be decided before the meeting of Parliament.
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Rogers to Sproat, 6 February 1868, stating that Buckingham could not answer the enquiry as he had not yet received a reply from the governor to his latest despatch on the subject.