Sproat to Buckingham
11 King William Street, E.C.
17 March 1868 His Grace the Duke of Buckingham & Chandos Colonial Secretary

My Lord Duke,
I am requested by the Memorialists who have on several occasions addressed Your Grace on the subject of the Capital for British Columbia to beg the favour of being informed whether a reply has been received from Governor Seymour to the reference on the above subject, which Mr Adderley stated has been sent to the Governor on the 1st October last, and to express a hope that it will be in Your Grace's power to give an early decision in favour of Victoria.
I am also to say that should Your Grace desire any additional information on the subject of the Memorials already presented, the Memorialists will be glad to give it in any way that may be agreeable to Your Grace.
I have the honour to be
My Lord Duke
Your humble Servant
Gilbert M. Sproat
for self, D. Fraser
and Y.S. Anderson
Hon Secs to the Memorialists
Minutes by CO staff
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CC 18/3
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Mr Cox
What is the last official report on this subject.
FR 18/3
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Sir F. Rogers
The despatches I sent on yesterday afternoon before you wrote asManuscript image above—& in one of which he will report by the next opportunity.
CC 19/3
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Ansr that the question had not been decided when the dphes last recd left the Colony viz on the [blank] of [blank].
FR 19/3
CBA 20/3
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But it ought to be. I think the Govr should be written urging a prompt decision & indicating that the decision in favour of Victoria would be satisfactory.
B&C 24/3
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Rogers to Sproat, 1 April 1868, reporting that "his Grace has not yet received the expected report but that he has every reason to hope that the question will very shortly be decided."
Minutes by CO staff
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This is written in consequence of Minute on 2627.
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i.e. on the assumption that if the mail does not shew that Gov Seymour has settled the question H.G. will settle it.
FR 28/4