Murray to Under-Secretary of State
February 2, 1869
With reference to your letter of the 29th ultimo respecting the wish expressed by the Governor of British Columbia to learn the nature of the Treaty of Reciprocity which would be proposed to the United States; I am directed by the Earl of Clarendon to request that you will bring under Earl Granville's notice the despatch from Lord Monck of which copy was inclosed in your letter of the 6th of NovembersettingManuscript image setting forth the Grounds on which he considered that it would be unadvisable to make proposals in this matter to the Government of the United States, until that Government should have taken the initiative in regard to it.
Since the date of your letter no further information on the subject has been received from Mr Thornton and the whole subject appears to be in abeyance at present.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
James Murray
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Sir F. Sandford
See also 1421 from F.O.
Till I read this letter I was not aware of the existence of Lord Monck's despatch 11700 herewith.
Ackn: the receipt of the Govrs despatch 538—& also 539 (with F.O. 1421) & say that HM's Govt do not consider it advisable to take the initiative with the GovtManuscript image of the United States at the present moment, but that the case of B. Columbia will not be lost sight of?
CC 8/2
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I sd merely say that the question is for the moment, in abeyance, but that Gov. Seymours observations have been brought under the notice of the Earl of Clarendon, who states that they will be borne in mind.
See 1421.
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I agree with Sir F.S.
WM 9/2
G 9/2
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Draft reply, Granville to Seymour, No. 12, 13 February 1869 informing Seymour that the question of British Columbia joining in any reciprocity treaty with the US is in abeyance.