Villars to Granville
London, 11 King William St E.C.
July 19th 1869
My Lord,
Having been absent from town, I am only today in receipt of Your Lordship's letter of the 14th inst. appointing Friday last at 4 O'Clock for an interview in reference to the Memorial on the condition of British Columbia referred to in my letter of 19th June and enclosed to Your Lordship on the 12th July.
In my letter of the latter date I mentioned to Your Lordship that those gentlemen, specially Mr Fraser, Mr Dallas, Mr Anderson & Mr Beeton, who signed the Memorial on the 19th June, and who from their personal knowledge of the ColonycouldManuscript image could have given useful information to Your Lordship were unable to remain in town after the 12th July.
I was consequently instructed at the latter date to enclose the Memorial in a letter for Your Lordship's consideration in preference to asking for an interview, which without the presence of the gentlemen above named would not probably have been attended with satisfactory practical results.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord,
Your humble Servant
A. Villars
Hon. Sec.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
Mr Villars explains why the Deputation did not keep their appt on Friday last & asks that their petition may be considered. The Petition is in 7870 & asks for reduction of Expenditure a greater voice in the management of your [their] Affairs—see your minute on it.
Lord Granville is to see Mr Fisher on Columbia affairs on Thursday. ([One word off microfilm] from change of Capital.)
CC 20 July
Manuscript image
This then may be put by at once, the matter being considered on the petition.
FR 22/7
Manuscript image
Sir F. Sandford
I suppose some answer should now be given to the Memorial enclosed in Mr Villar's letter 7870—see minutes on it. It appears to me a case for a very general one, unless Lord Granville is prepared to refer the Memorial to Mr Musgrave for the purpose of submitting a scheme for giving the Population strictly Representative Institutions.
CC 26 July
Manuscript image
At once.
Wait till they write again. I don't know whether they will want anything more at present. Lord Granville may have said enough to them when the Deputation met him.
I have kept this by me in expectation of a comment from them.
FRS 21/7
Manuscript image
Mr Cox
Sir F. Sandford says that this may be put by.
EAI 24 Augt