Law to Under-Secretary of State
Treasury Chambers
14th June 1869
I am directed by the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury to state, for the information of Lord Granville, with reference to your Letter of the 28th ulto that My Lords see no objection to the Ordinance of British Columbia, No 14 of 1869, granting a Supplemental Supply of $134,465 98/100 out of General Revenue for the Contingent Services of the Years 1866 & 1867.
I am,
Your obedient Servant
William Law
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Sandford
Confirm the Ordinance.
Dft. herewith.
CC 15 June
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Draft reply, Granville to Officer Administering the Government, No. 62, 26 June 1869.