Cowan to Duke of Argyle
3 Whitehouse Terrace
April 27 1869
My Lord Duke
I took the liberty of inclosing a few weeks ago to your Grace a letter from (an old acquaintance of mine in this County,) Mr Philip Cadell, who has been for many years engaged in mining operations in California and British Columbia.
I have just now received another, and very long letter from Mr Cadell dated 2d March, appended to which is a copy of a Memorial to Governor Seymour,in favorManuscript image in favor of the introduction of Cadell's Gold Washing Machinery, which appears to be [drafted & ?] signed by the mercantile Community at Victoria.
Your Grace will perceive that it is the Writer's wish that this communication should be transmitted through your office to the Colonial Secretary (see at foot of 1st Page) and I cannot well decline compliance with this request.
Manuscript image
Mr Cowan Apl 27/69. Sends letter from Mr Cadell, with a request that it may be forwarded to the Colonial Office. Ans: May 3 has [been] forwarded to C.O.
I have had very frequent and exceedingly long letters from this Mr Cadell, indeed by almosteveryManuscript image every mail, and I do not think I shall be likely to trouble your Grace again upon the subject.
I hope that your Grace will forgive me for the liberty which I unwillingly take in a matter which is certainly not in your Department.
I have the honor to be My Lord Duke
Your faithful Servt
Chas. Cowan

Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Sandford
Mr Birch informs me, as is pretty evident from his letter, that Mr Cadell is not quite right in his head. Mr B. is deluged with letters from him.
I think the letter may be put by—unless Mr Meade shd want to answer it as he says "that he would have no objection with a view of combiningManuscript image the Telegraph system with the Post Office Dt to accept the Post Master Office."
CC 4 May
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FRS 5/5
WM 6/5
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Put by.
RM 6/5
G 15/5
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Philip Cadell to Charles Cowan, 2 March 1869, concerning the need to encourage mining activity in the colony, with various suggestions. Copies of a circular to the Legislative Council and a memorial to Seymour on the subject enclosed.
Manuscript image
W.A. Benthall to Meade, 3 May 1869, forwarding copy of correspondence from Cowan on behalf of the Duke of Argyle.
Minutes by CO staff
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Encloses a letter from Mr Cowan with one from Mr Cadell about some gold mining machinery.
R 3 May