Pearse to Granville
The Rectory, Kensal Green
London W.
26th April 1869
My Lord,
I have the honor to transmit the Enclosed Dispatch from the Governor of British Columbia, recommending me to the favourable consideration of your Lordship.
I have been 18 years in the Public Service, 13 years in the Capacity of Assistant Surveyor General, and five years in thatManuscript image of Surveyor General (acting). During the last mentioned period I was a member of the Executive and Legislative Councils. Upon the Union of the Colonies of British Columbia and Vancouver Island, I, in Common with the other Heads of Department of the Government of Vancouver Island, received a Circular letter from the Governor informing me that the Office I then held was abolished by Act of Parliament. At the request of the Governor I continued to conduct the business of the OfficeManuscript image until I obtained my Leave of absence on the 1st March last, with a view to urge upon the favourable consideration of Her Majesty's Government my claim to be appointed to an Office Similar in kind to that which I held before the Union of the Colonies.
I have also to request that I may be honored with an interview in order that I may more fully explain to your Lordship my position in the matter.
IManuscript image
I have the honor to be,
Your Lordship's Most Obedient
and humble Servant
B.W. Pearse

The Right Honorable
Earl Granville
Her Majesty's Principal Secretary
of State for the Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Birch
What can you say about Mr Pearse.
CC 28/4
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Mr Pearse is an excellent Public Officer. On the Union of Vancouver Isd with B. Columbia he was reduced to the position of Assistant Surveyor Genl under the Surveyor Genl of B. Columbia. Mr Pearse knows the Country thoroughly & in the interests of the Colony I should have been glad if the present Surveyor Genl could have been provided for elsewhere and Mr Pearse continued in the Office he held under the Vancouver Island Govt.
ANB 29.4.69
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CC 29/4
FRS 30/4
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Inform Mr Pearse that as Lord Granville is fully acquainted with the Particulars of his Service it will be unnecessary for him to call on His Lordship to explain them. That his name has been put on the list of Candidates for promotion & that his claims will be considered with those of others should any suitable Vacancies occur.
RM 1/5
G 4/5
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Seymour to Granville, No. 22, 1 March 1869, advising that he had granted a year's leave of absence to Benjamin W. Pearse, and recommending him for promotion.
Other documents included in the file
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Sandford to Pearse, 8 May 1869, advising that his name had been put on the list of candidates for promotion.