No. 71
17 July 1869
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Governor Seymour's Despatch No. 91 of the 13th of May forwarding a Bill passed during the recent Session of the Legislative Council of British Columbia, entitled "An Ordinance to encourage the establishment of Investment and Loan Societies."
InManuscript image
In reply I have to inform you that it is probable that the Bill will require amendment, but having passed the Legislative Council, I see no such objection to its provisions as would require you to withhold your assent to it.
I take this opportunity of informing you that as a general rule it is desirable when a decided opposition has been made to an Ordinance during its progress through Council that that fact should be stated in the Despatch submitting the Ordinance for Her Majesty's sanction, and that attheManuscript image the same time extracts of so much of the Minutes of the Legislative Council as relate to the subject should be transmitted for the information of the Secretary of State.
This rule would of course apply to all cases in which the governor has thought proper to withhold his assent to a Bill which has been passed by the Legislative Council.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
The Officer Administering the Government