No. 111
17 December 1869
With your Despatch No. 23, of the 2nd November you transmit to me blank Schedules of Arrears resting with you and with this Department.
I have however to call you attention to the undermentionedDespatchesManuscript image Despatches from this Department which although not requiring your immediate attention ought to e included in the Schedule of Arrears resting with you.
Manuscript image

No. 69—31st August 1868
‹" 7—‹1st February 1869
Confidl—19 May ‹‹‹‹"
No. 16—26 " ‹‹‹‹"
‹" 63—June ‹‹‹‹"
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Frederic Rogers
for Earl Granville