Mellors to Granville
Britannia Chambers, Pelham St.
9 May 70
My Lord
For some years I acted as Agent to Wm Montague Cochrane Esq formerly a Lieutenant in the Army, but for some years past Recorder at Lytton, and at Ritchfield, Cariboo, British Columbia. I hold Mr Cochranes power of Attorney to act in his absence.
It is with extreme regret that I learn Mr Cochrane was a passenger in the vessel the "City of Boston," which is supposed to have been lost on Feb 11th. Mr Cochrane owes me £20 & I recently had a letter from him referring to his return & intention to pay me.
Under these circumstances I respectfully ask that your Lordship will kindly favour me with any information you may have or may receive with regard to Mr Cochrane's death; or as to his leaving British Columbia, or as to his property or letters of credit he may have on any Bank. He being a Government Officer I presume if anything is known it will be in the Colonial Office.
I have the honor to be
My Lord
Your most obedient Servant
R.W.B. Mellors
The Right Hon Earl Granville KG
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Mr Herbert
Answer that the only information that Lord Granville can give is that in a despatch from the Govr dated 13 Nov. last he reported that he had given Mr Cochrane 6 months leave of absence, & that under no circumstances would any information be sent to this office as to any property Mr C. had in B.C.
CC 10/5
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At once.
RGWH May 10/70
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Herbert to Mellors, 13 May 1870, advising that they had no current information on Cochrane and suggesting he contact the colonial secretary for information regarding the estate.