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2155 — Vancouver's Island

Novr 17 — 48.
I have the honor to acknowledge the rect of your official letter of the 15th inst acquainting me with the decisions of Earl Grey, as to my queries regarding the Grant by the Crown of Vancouver's island to the Hudson's Bay Compy
I refrain from expressing my individual opinions as to the policy pursued in this instance by Her Majesty's Government, I cannot however avoid stating what I know to be a fact, that the grant of Vancouver's Island to the Hudson's Bay Compy will be the means of instantaneously checking the intended emigration to that island, of several Scottish gentlemen who were otherwise prepared to embark with all the "materials" which wd be likely to bring about successful colonization.
As I myself purpose carrying out my intention of starting thither very shortly, taking with me a Clergyman of the Church of Scotland, & some mechanics, labourers, &c. I trust I may be permitted respectfully to record my petition, a petition in which I amManuscript image convinced I shall be seconded by every embryo emigrant to Vancouver I. That it may please Her Majesty's Government, to exercise their power of revoking within the limits of this New Colony all such priviliges of exclusive trade as have been granted to the Hudson's Bay Coy in certain other parts of British North America. The High price of land that settlers will have to pay amtg in all to abt £ 2"4. pr acre, is surely in itself a sufficient evil, to this will be added the overwhelming competition with a powerful Coy against which individual colonists will have to strive in every department of culture or traffic; Heavy Royalties that on the exportation of timber, viz 10/ pr load, being sufficient to annihilate any proposed traffic in that commodity are to be charged on all kinds of available produce; and if even their settlers are debarred, by the continuance of a monopoly, from availing themselves of one of the principal natural resources of the island, so crushing a check may be given to the exertions of private enterprises, as materially do impede the success of any effort at Public improvement in the Colony.Manuscript image I have to apologize for the great liberty I take in making these suggestions and
I have the honor to be
Your most obedt humble Servt
W. Colquhoun Grant

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Mr Merivale
This is another letter from Sir Capt. Grant relative to Van Couver's Island. He states the price to be paid for Land is £ 2.4. per acre — tho' in his first letter he stated to be only £1.
21 Nov
Capt Grant means I apprehend to include in this 2d estimate the cost of taking out emigrants. With regard to this main question, I suppose this answer will be simply in acknowledgment ?
HM N. 21.
may be put by as I perceive Capt Grant does not appear to expect an answer?
HM N 21
N. 24      Capt. Grant repeats only what Mr Dundas says in a letter to me he told Capt Grant. Nevertheless Capt Grant perseveres though I cannot help thinking he was almost shaken from his purpose by the difficulty of the scheme. Mr Dundas however wishes a grant of land, in trust, for an independent Settlement in the Island — which would shew that its prospects are not so bad, & which will probably mind when the terms & conditions of the Settlet & the form of Govt are known
I have written a private note to Sir J. Pelly requesting him to furnish the means of answering this. —
G. 27/