9th December 1852
I have received and laid before my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty your letter of the 27th of last month transmitting a despatch from the Governor of VanCouver's Island detailing the particulars of an excursion, undertaken by him in August last, from Fort Victoria thro' the "Canal de Arro" to Wentuhuysen Inlet where coal has been discovered,—and calling their Lordships attention to the recommendations of Governor Douglas that an Exploration and Survey of the Eastern coast of the Island should be undertaken by the Government,—And I am commanded to request that you will state to Secretary Sir John Pakington that previously to any detailed examination of the Arro Archipelago and the adjacent coast being made, it would be desirable that the GovernorManuscript imageGovernor should encourage some fit persons to make themselves acquainted with the pilotage of the principal channels and Ports of the district, with the view of inducing vessels to proceed there for the coals or other produce. And if it should be found that the navigation is practicable for large Vessels, the coal-working profitable, and the embarkation easy, it will doubtless be eventually desirable for the Government to undertake an adequate Survey of it's harbours and approaches.
I am Sir
Your very humble Servant
Aug Stafford

Herman Merivale Esqre
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Mr Merivale
Instruct the Governor, if he has the means at his disposal—or, send a Copy of this letter to the Hudson's Bay Company requesting them to take the necessary steps for obtaining the information required by the Admiralty?
VJ 11 Decr
Both, I think. A disp. to the Govr directing him to take any steps in his power in furtherance of the suggestion of the Admy & a letter to the Company enclosing this letter, informing the Co. that the substance of it has been communicated to the Governor, & requesting that they will give any aid in their power.
HM D 11
D 11
JSP 13