No. 10
Downing Street
15th October 1853
1 I have received your Despatch No 8, of the 28th July last, reporting on the condition of the Colony under your Government.
2 I approve your views with regard to thecourseManuscript image course to be adopted in our dealings with the Native Tribes. The interference of the local Government in the concerns of these People must be cautiously exercised. It would clearly be most unwise and impolitic, to involve ourselves in their domestic feuds, of which, as you justly observe, it is impossible for us to understand the real merits.
3 I am glad to learn that owing to the regulations of the Hudson's Bay Company the NativeshaveManuscript image have been prevented from acquiring a taste for spirituous Liquors. I trust they will continue to remain free from this destructive and demoralizing vice.
4 With respect to the administration of Justice, I have already confirmed the provisional appointments to the Magistracy reported in Your Despatch No 5 of the 11th April last. I am glad to learn from your present Despatch that the effect of these appointments has been to ensure to allclassesManuscript image classes of the Community a regular and impartial administration of Justice.
5 I have caused your suggestion for the employment of the Carpenters and Seamen of Her Majesty's ships stationed at Vancouver's Island in the erection of Store Houses for the use of the Navy to be submitted for the consideration and decision of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.
6 In conclusion I have to express my satisfaction at your reportofManuscript image of the progressive increase in the export Trade of the Colony and in the generally prosperous and contented condition of the Settlers.
I have the honor to be Sir,
Your most Obedient Humble Servant

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