Military [No. 1]
Downing Street
5th August 1854
I have received your despatch No 27 of the 16th May, reporting the measures which you would recommend for placing Vancouver’s Island in a position to repel any hostile attack and accompanied by a requisition having for its object the armament, equipment,andManuscript image and victualling for 12 months of a Military Force of 500 men to be raised in the Colony, together with a supply of some light and heavy pieces of Ordinance (with ammunition &c) for defensive Batteries.
Her Majesty’s Government deem it to be at once both unnecessary and inadvisable to accede to this requisition.
The lords of the Admiralty have already, at the instance of the Duke of Newcastle, givensuchManuscript image such directions to the Admiral on the Station as will secure the Islands being frequently visited by one or more of the Ships of War under his Command, and Her Majesty’s Government consider that there is nothing in the present circumstances of the war with Russia to forbid the hope and expectation that the countenance which will be thus afforded will not amply suffice for theprotectionManuscript image protection of the Island.
I have the honor to be, Sir,
Your Most obedient Humble Servant
G. Grey

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