Vancouver Island Public Offices 1856
Admiralty1862 Feb. 25 Despatch of ships for defense of VI. 4583 May 21 Despatch of HMS President for VI. 5837 June 30 Despatch of HMS Alarm for VI. 5858 June 30 Admiral Bruce's report on steps taken for defense of VI. 9579 Oct. 20 Progress of HMS Satellite towards VI. 10166 Nov. 8 Bruce's report of confrontation with Indians. 10166 V565AD06
Council (Privy Council)3120 Apr. 5 Council order for Supreme Court of Civil Justice. 
Foreign Office1008 Feb. 1 American interests in VI. 2015 Mar. 3 Extension of terms of reciprocity treaty of 1854. 2435 Mar. 15 Extension of terms of reciprocity treaty. 2623 Mar. 19 Occupation of San Juan Island by HBC. 7399 Aug. 16 Douglas's assistance in Indian war in Washington. 
Land (Emigration Office)2642 Mar. 20 Modification of land regulations on VI. 4240 May 13 Sale of tract of land on governor's reserve. 
Law1652 Feb. 19 Proposed establishment of Supreme Court. 
Miscellaneous1227 Feb. 7 HBC acknowledgement of report on US Indian war. 1679 Feb. 19 Douglas's report on Indian war in Oregon 1765 Feb. 22 Forwarding of mail through US. 1775 Feb. 22 Letter from deputy governor of HBC to Clarendon. 1852 Feb. 25 Formation of General Assembly on VI. 1962 Feb. 29 HBC settlement on San Juan Island. 2092 Mar. 5 Chart of Strait of Juan de Fuca by Ball. 2399 Mar. 12 Report on HBC land transactions on VI. 2400 Mar. 13 Report on HMS President in defense of VI. 2646 Mar. 20 HBC acceptance of reciprocity treaty extension. 3010 Mar. 31 HBC occupation of San Juan Island. 3481 Apr. 15 HBC rights to west coast and river fishery. 4154 May 8 HBC request to limit treaty extension to VI. 4155 May 8 HBC hopes HMS President has arrived at VI. 4164 May 9 HBC approval of sale of land in governor's reserve. 4325 May 16 Packet forwarded to Douglas. 4591 May 20 Douglas's formation of local force to protect VI. 4645 May 22 HBC approval of sale of land in governor's reserve. 5017 June 5 Mactavish's report of Indian war in Oregon. 5393 June 16 Packet forwarded to Douglas. 6281 July 14 HBC reaction to defraying of current expenses in VI. 7901 Aug. 29 HBC assistance in defraying costs of VI government. 8707 Sep. 16 Statement of sums expended on account of VI. 9178 Oct. 9 Despatches forwarded to Douglas. 9179 Oct. 9 Despatches forwarded from Douglas. 9185 Oct. 10 Boundary line between US and VI. 9680 Oct. 24 Receipt of copy of governor's despatch. 9784 Oct. 30 Despatches and letters forwarded to Douglas. 10191 Nov. 8 Douglas's report of Indian attack on Williams. 10191 V565MI2910270 Nov. 13 Douglas's report on successful capture of attacker. 10270 V565MI3010962 Dec. 3 HBC request to sell land to non-British subjects. 10962 V565MI31
War Office327 Jan. 1 Expense of chartering Otter as guard ship on VI. 
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