31 July 1858
As it is a matter of considerable importance both to Her Majesty's Government and yourself that there should be a perfect understanding as to the terms on which, if you shouldManuscript image so decide you would assume Office under Imperial Authority. I think it right to state as it was omitted on the last occasion that besides relinquishing directly or indirectly all connexion with the Hudson's Bay Company it will be indispensible to apply that condition equally to any interest you may possess in the Puget Sound Company. It is most probable that you have understood the offer contained in my Confidential Despatch of the 16th instant in that sense: but I think it better now to guard against any possible misconception on the subject by this additional explanation.
It is due to you, to add that if after reflection, you should entertain the persuasion that it will either not conduce to the public interests, or your own to exchange your present position forManuscript image that of Governor of British Columbia the ability you have displayed whilst holding the Office of Governor of Vancouver's Island will not escape the recollection of Her Majesty's Government should it be your wish on the expiration of the Hudson's Bay Company's license next year to enter into the service of the Crown in the Colonies.
I have etc.