No. 7
14 August 1858
I have to transmit to you for the information and guidance, copy of an Act which had received Her Majesty's assent, entitled "An Act to provide for the Government of British Columbia."
There has not been as yet time to furnish you by this Mail with the necessary order in Council, Commission and Instructions to yourself as Governor, which are necessary in order to complete your legal powers.
You will continue nevertheless to act during the brief interval before their arrival as you have hitherto done, as the authorized representative of Her Majesty's Government in the Territory of British Columbia, and take without hesitation such steps as you may deem absolutelyManuscript image necessary for the Government of the Territory and as are not repugnant to the principles of British Law. But you will do so in conformity with the directions which I transmit to you on several subjects by my despatches of even date herewith, and in such others as you may receive from me.
I have etc.
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