No. 10
16 August 1858
I transmit you copy of a letter addressed me by a gentlemanManuscript image of the name of Nias, from San-Francisco in California, inclosing a petition to the Crown on the subject of Sales of town land in Victoria Vancouver's Island and suggesting certain measures to be taken.
The land of Vancouvers Island is at present in the disposal of the Hudson's Bay Company and not of the Crown. And I need not add that reports reaching me in such a form as the present are always received with the proper allowance. Nevertheless I have thought it best to submit this letter and petition for your report because the subject is itself of the greatest possible importance, and it is necessary that Her Majesty's Government should warn you against, and prevent as far as lies within their power, any wasteful and still more any partial dealings with public land which is now acquiring so unexpected a value.
I have etc.
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Douglas, James

Lytton, Edward George Earle Bulwer

Nias, George Elmes

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Hudson's Bay Company

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San Francisco

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