No. 10
Downing Street
3 September 1859
With reference to mymy Despatch, No. 6, of the 1st instant, I transmit to you the copy of a letter from the Hudson's Bay Company and of the reply which I caused to be addressed to Mr Berens, relative to the refusal on the part of the Company's Manager in Vancouver's Island to accede to your application forManuscript imagefor Advances on account of the Government subsequently to the 30th May last.
I have etc.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
H.H. Berens, Hudson's Bay Company, to Newcastle, 10 August 1859, reiterating that the Company had no desire to make any advances, beyond meeting the demands of the Governor under the terms of the grant.
Manuscript image
Merivale to Berens, 31 August 1859, supporting Dallas's rejection of Douglas's application.